Handmade Christmas Gifts: Hemp and Aventurine Wrap Bracelet or Necklace

Hemp Aventurine Wrap Bracelet or Necklace Projecteasier.com

Hemp Aventurine Wrap Bracelet or Necklace Projecteasier.com

I always try to make some of my Christmas or holiday presents. I myself really love getting handmade gifts and I know that some of my friends and relatives appreciate it too. As our world gets more and more commercialized, a handmade gift given to the right person can mean so much  more than a purchased one.

I’ve had these small, faceted, aventurine beads for a long time. I love semi precious stones–jewelry, beads, and the stones themselves.

Aventurine is known to be a healing stone which brings energy and opportunity.

Thanks to Jewelry Making Journal, I followed this tutorial, with several changes. I only had 42 beads and I put 5 chain stitches between beads. I used 10lb hemp which I got at my local craftstore, Beverly’s. I used a 2.75 mm hook, because that’s what I had. After the piece was finished, I blocked it by wetting in warm water, and stretching it with pins across my ironing board. This made the bracelet longer and less bumpy–more “finished” looking.

I like the natural, low-bling, boho style of this piece! Next time I think I will vary the number of stitches between beads to make the beads fall less uniformly.  I’m not crazy about the way the beads fall in a crooked line on my wrist. It may fall differently on another size wrist.  Not sure about that.

The bracelet wraps around my wrist 9 times and can be worn as a long or short necklace. It was pretty easy and fun to make and I think I’ll make some more today.  Want to join me?

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