Chronic Fatigue Treatments not being researched aggressively enough

  Today’s fact:  11 trials in the last five years for chronic fatigue vs 80 in the last one year for multiple sclerosis.  (Source: –actually not even the main point of this article!
Not that the ms folks don’t deserve all that research, but this is why I spend so much time crazily trying to run studies on myself with my incredibly non-scientific, brain foggy brain.  All the time knowing I can’t fix this complex illness myself, but who am I to get help from when science barely looks at it?

Time to start sending letters, getting vocal.  It can’t be that hard to figure this out.  😣 

Btw: the research on Fibromyalgia (which includes Chronic Fatigue Syndrome but also includes pain all over)  is undoubtedly even les than for Chronic Fatigue.