Instagram and Dog Love

2015/01/img_5126.jpgWhile my blog has been languishing, My dog, Ajax Pupperknuckles, has become the star of my newish Instagram Account! I seem to be only obsessed with only photographing only him. I am in intense relaxation therapy for my fibro, so many pics are shot at home or just on our little walks. My therapy involves long periods of only doing what I want to (so strange), so I must follow this obsession. Take a look:

Microblog Monday’s: A Little Photo Collage

I’m still a bit under the fibromyalgia weather, meaning fatigued, achey, and brain dead. Here’s a little glimpse into the last few days: FH’s birthday cake and present, gallery sales at Rhythmix with Joan from Upcycled Alameda (she made the sock monkey), and lounging with Lil’ Pupper. I’m sure I’ll be back to my super smart, writerly, verbose, philosophical self soon. Fingers crossed. Hamsa Hamsa (ward off the evil eye), spit twice, knock on wood, salt over the shoulder.