Santa Fe, NM


Candy Rock, Stanislaus River

Today’s photo prompt is landscape. Directions include “in the style of Ansel Adams.” Not easy to do.   I scanned through my old photos and found these. Two places I love–my brother’s old property in New Mexico and the North Fork of the Stanislaus river, CA. I can’t tell you where because it’s a *secret* swimming hole.

Not too many landscapes in my collection. I’ll be adding some more soon. Long shot open vistas. Photos to expand the lungs and the mental viewpoint. Big deep breath nature photos. They’re coming.

Fooling with the cropping of the New Mexico photo, here are some options.  Let me know what you think….


Crocheted Mixed-Stitch Stripey Blanket

IMG_2607One thing I love to do to stay cozy in the winter months is crochet.  I’ve been working on a crocheted mixed-stitch blanket ala Little Woollie.  Mine is shown here, with modeling help from Lil’ Pupper who loves crocheted blankets.  He likes to get under them and then stick his nose and teeth through the holes, wrestling and growling like he’s a scary monster.

Anyway, I really like and was especially enamored with her mixed-stitch stripey blanket.  It’s kind of free form, and you know, I love free-form anything.  I really want to add some Catherine Wheels, but I’ve been feeling lazy and just doing EASY stitches.  I have to say, I think I love lazy-easy more than I love Catherine Wheels.  Well, that’s me, at least that’s me now.  Who knows maybe I’ll feel adventurous and complicated tomorrow.IMG_2299