Microblog Monday’s: A Little Photo Collage

I’m still a bit under the fibromyalgia weather, meaning fatigued, achey, and brain dead. Here’s a little glimpse into the last few days: FH’s birthday cake and present, gallery sales at Rhythmix with Joan from Upcycled Alameda (she made the sock monkey), and lounging with Lil’ Pupper. I’m sure I’ll be back to my super smart, writerly, verbose, philosophical self soon. Fingers crossed. Hamsa Hamsa (ward off the evil eye), spit twice, knock on wood, salt over the shoulder.


Colorful Grey Day

IMG_4261  IMG_4269

It’s December and time for some color therapy! I have been keeping myself busy with crochet and Pupper walks.  Even though the sky is grey, I feel happy when I look at these colors!

This is my first post for Photo101Rehab, sponsored by a lovely and very smart blogger from my Photo101 class. Thanks for the idea and motivation Lucille!

For this post, I just tried to collect colorful images with my iphone.  I did a little photo hack with the yarn by placing it on a piece of woodgrain paper and cropping it with iphoto.  The Pupper picture just came out that way.  Pupper and I were both really taken with the turquoise steps and green door of the house we passed this morning between rain showers.