The Death Star Crafty Cookie Coma Craziness

About six months ago my my brother, Self-acclaimed Star Wars Freak, said he wanted a crochet Death Star Pillow for Christmas. So I started Saturday December 13th. It seemed like plenty of time, but alas, it’s now December 17th and it’s looking a little wonky. I’m a bad stitch counter I think. Here’s the one he wants, and two photos of what I’ve made.

I started making a big sphere with this pattern thanks to, who did the advanced math for me which I either forgot how to do or never understood how to do. I planned to use that plus the makezine pattern and kind of put them together. Now, I’m wondering whether it’s a fail.  Do I go on with the pattern to show that I tried? Will it be funny to have a bumpy Death Star? Luckily I got him another present today, a T-shirt with Darth Vader and Storm Troopers opening presents in front of a Christmas tree.

I simultaneously baked Gluten Free Springerle and Cranberry Orange cookies for Saturday’s Annual Holiday Cookie Party. I wish I’d looked at my own Paleo Christmas Cookie Post from a couple of weeks ago.  But I wanted to make cookies without going to the store, so I made these.

The Springerles turned out great despite the substitution of Pamela’s Gluten Free Baking mix for the flour and baking soda, and the fact that I only had 3 eggs instead of four. Springerles are an old tradition in my family. An old-style German cookie made with Anise seeds and a special decorative rolling pin.

Unfortunately for the Cranberry Orange, also made with Pamela’s Baking Mix, I used Coconut Sugar instead of regular sugar. These were great fresh out of the oven, but after a few hours they got limp and soggy. Flaccid cookies–not a good thing.  Still tasted good though.

Coming home with a big box of cookies put me in a sugar coma for a couple of days. I definitely can’t eat sugar. I love baking though, and baking Christmas Cookies is a tradition for me since before I can remember. The party was fun though and I’m glad I participated. More attempts gluten-free-sugar-coma-free traditional cookies to come next year.