life’s mysteries

This is a guest blog from my nephew, who is 8 years old.  I guess wondering about life runs in the family!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

It’s one of life’s strange mysteries. Some people would say that life has no possession, but no. They’re wrong. Life has a lot of things. Like you. You are just one of life’s little action figures. Life pretty much owns every living thing. “Living” comes from the word life, in fact. Life owns your dog, your cat, your hamster, (genipigs and gerbils) ANYTHING you own.

Life also owns mysteries. If you have a secret, and it’s a mystery, you’d think YOU own that mystery, but no. Even if it’s YOUR personal secret, it’s not personal. You share your secret with life. Life hears anything you speak, or even THINK. Life knows your name, your age, your secrets, life knows everything. Life can listen to YOUR secrets, but you can’t listen to life’s secrets. Yes, life has secrets too. But it doesn’t share. And its secrets are what people call, or I call, life’s strange mysteries. But really life knows it’s not a mystery. As I said before, life knows EVERYTHING. It’s just one of life’s secrets. And if you’re thinking, lives mean to not share its secrets, you should be sad. Because if we knew life’s secrets, the world would be a terrible place. There would be no excitement, no fun, and actually, you would know the future if you knew life’s secrets.

Some people would probably think it would be pretty cool if you knew the future, but really, no. Like, for example, think about your favorite TV show of something. If you knew the future, you wouldn’t say at a suspenseful end of a show, “Wow! I wonder what’s going to happen next!” also, if you like reading, like for example, this book, you won’t even… well, and actually, there would be no libraries. Because when you’re even BORN, you’ll know how all the books end and how they begin. And, now to think of it, there would be no question marks. Because, you would already know everything. There wouldn’t even be SCHOOL! Life would just be a pain to know life’s secrets. You would want to DIE if you lived knowing life’s secrets.

Now to come to think of it, you would know if you’ll come back as a ghost or something. In my opinion there isn’t any afterlife. But there might be. Wait… you wouldn’t know if you’ll still be conscious after you’re dead. Because life only knows until YOUR life ends. But, actually life will never die. Because its life. And life does its business. So, I hope I inspired you.