The Beautiful Paradox of Alone: Not Alone

This photo was taken at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania on a trip a couple of years ago.  For me it conjures feelings of satisfaction, deep breathing, and connecting with nature.  There’s a sense that in meditation (formal or informal) we are one with everything, it’s a solitude, and yet the very opposite of solitude.  The beautiful paradox of alone: not alone.  Inside and outside, alone and not alone.  Kinda hurts my brain.


Cooking and Food Pornography Photography

There is some real food porn on the internet. I tell you. Sometimes I drool even. Sometimes, it’s actually too much. You know what I’m talking about; I don’t really need to tell you, huh?

After looking at all of those amazing food and cooking blogs, I thought, okay, well even if my pictures suck, there’s only one way to get better. So I’ve been getting into taking photos with my iphone camera when I cook. I checked out this nifty tutorial which got me using the “adjust” feature in the iphoto editing program. It’s pretty easy, even for a non-techie like me!

Last night I made what I’m going to call “Polenta Pizza Pie.” I used this recipe (thanks budgetbytes), added a couple of mild Italian sausages, fresh spinach instead of frozen, and a ton of basil which I had dried myself (it’s more flavorful than dried, but less flavorful than fresh). I used Dutch Goat Cheese (since I’m not eating Bovine Dairy these days).  It turned out great and FH was really happy.

My photo styling and photo editing need some work, but practice will make perfect, or at least closer to it!

IMG_3046 IMG_3043

What do you think?

Home: a meditation

For my photography 101 Class I’ve been asked about home.

For me, home is remembering to be centered in myself and breathe.  I’m always home if I remember to be here, inside, aware of my breathing, just being.  Experiencing my senses and being aware.

Walking the dog is a little like meditation.  Except you stop and pick up poop in a little bag. Here are a couple of  photo collages from yesterday morning’s dog walk.
Processed with MoldivProcessed with Moldiv
It was a beautiful, crisp fall day, and I wanted to record the feeling of awareness and really looking at my surroundings–my everyday surroundings on my street, and around my block.

Too bad for little Pupper though, since he didn’t get to decide when to walk and when to stop, which he likes.  He thinks he’s in charge.  But really, he’s not in charge; I’m not in charge.  We just are there together, walking.  Me looking, and him sniffing.

Crisp fall air. Breathe.  See. Smell.  This is home.  This is my street, my block, my neighborhood.