Pupper’s Morning Adventure

Processed with Moldiv

It’s hard to live in an apartment with a dog. A feisty, silly, still-a-puppy dog named Ajax. Nicknamed Pupper, Ajax Pupperopolis, Ajax Pupperknuckles, Sug (like Sugar), Buddy.

He needs to go to the bathroom. People don’t want him to go to the bathroom. He is a nice dog but he has his needs. I feel bad sometimes and try to get him to go on yucky grass that people don’t care about. Some people do care about yucky grass, and that’s hard to predict, so it’s nice when they leave a sign. Pupper can’t read luckily, or he might feel bad. Poor peeing Pupper.

10 thoughts on “Pupper’s Morning Adventure

  1. This one made me very happy — not only because I love this guy, but I enjoyed the dissection of a daily routine that we take for granted.
    The photos are expressive, especially the one with the large shadow, perhaps giving us a glimpse of Pupper’s self-image.

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  2. Ohh, he’s so cute! He reminds me a little of Bolt, the super-powered, quick-as-a-flash, cartoon puppy and his super-size shadow reminds me a little of Marmaduke. 🙂

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