maybe it wasn’t that deep at all

I am addicted to pinterest  It started because I felt I didn’t always know what I liked or what I wanted.  I guess I needed to become attached before I could really understand detatchment.  I needed to desire before I could realize that desire is the root of suffering.  Or maybe it wasn’t that deep at all.  I just wanted to zone out and look at pretty and funny things.  I love pretty and funny things.   Here’s one that fits so well with project easier!  And funny too.

The url the pinterest pin directs to is no longer there, which is weird.  So I apologize to whomever first generated this LOVELY SIGN.  You are so smart and funny.  Because bears are so scary, and fears are so scary.  And it just makes me laugh. The way one’s mind at first reads “bears”, and thinks, there aren’t any bears here, and then it all becomes clear in one silly moment of lucidity.  🙂

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