Taste is a Matter of Timing

FullSizeRender (6)I love really old houses. I grew up in a tiny Victorian here in California. When I was nine, we moved to a ranch style house across town.  I was so sad. I was glad to have my own room, but I missed the nooks and crannies, the mystery, the history, of our little gingerbread Victorian.

My family’s first house really didn’t have that much gingerbread, not like this lovely old home which is nestled amongst homes mostly built in the sixties. Low slung, practical (read ugly) little things known as Bohannons.

I notice that people younger than me like ranch style homes, the low slung Bohannon style houses, and even seventies apartments. They don’t see what I see. They don’t see through the lens of someone born in the sixties and raised in the seventies and eighties; they don’t look through my lens.

Lately I’ve noticed that pointed, pink frosted nails are back in style with some younger women, and I think, “Oh no. I am not going back to seventh grade.” So style in houses and nail polish seems to be related to when you (or I) were raised, and what styles you had then. I want the house I had between two and nine years old, and I don’t want the nails I had in seventh grade. I guess seventh grade is not a time I want to go back to, but early childhood is. Hmmm…interesting information.

What styles from the past are you attached to? Which would you rather not revisit?

nails01from http://www.modnet.com.au 


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