living blind

FH and I went to get new glasses today.  It seems we are middle aged and can no longer see as clearly as we would like to.  This is a chore I have been putting off, looking in the mirror at my no longer young face, saying to a young woman, “I think these are too square” or “too dark” or “too low” or “too high”.

FH was in a lather today and had to get it done.  I went too.   Why a lather?  We don’t know, a mystery.

It turned out to be an exercise in vanity to some extent.  (Another mystery–why vanity?)  The big frames I wanted were big enough to magnify my crow’s feet…so they were eliminated.  In the end we both worked with different “frame experts” and chose much the same frames as one another. Additionally, our prescriptions are much the same. Has our vision as well as our taste become similar since being married?

Later we ate at a chain restaurant, which we never do, and felt we had entered an altered reality.  Was it an effect of having had our vision checked? Had our perspectives been changed?  Had reality altered?  Were the waiters and waitresses at said chain restaurant wearing enough “flair?”*

I wonder if when my somewhat minor prescription glasses arrive, if I will have a whole new perspective?  Will everything be more clear?  And given that, are there some Boddhisattva or Swami or Jesus glasses I could get, ones that would make all of these mysteries, significant and less so, more clear?

Yes.  They are called rest and relaxation glasses.  Everyone needs them.  Hardly anyone in our culture has them.  They are also called self acceptance and self forgiveness. I wonder where I can buy them and which would look best on my face?

*If you haven’t seen the movie, Office Space, do.

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