our sky at night

Our sky at night is always different.  And we, as humans, are always different.  No two moments alike.  Impermanence is the name of the game.  Is that a planet in the sky?  Is it the reflection of something else?  Is it a tiny, far-away moon? What is it?  That’s another thing, we don’t always see clearly or know what it is we see.

I asked FH (Fabulous Husband) today, “Do you think I have Fibromyalgia or do you think it’s just this crappy job?…Or both?” (I have a diagnosis of FMS and I am an exhausted, overwhelmed teacher.)

Of course the answer is both.  I guess all I need to inch my way toward healing is Five Hundred pounds and a room of my own.  Not a pocket full of rocks and a river.  Well, I’m not there anyway.  I’m here.  Wondering if I really see something glowing in the distance there, in the future, like that little spot of light in the picture.  What is it?  I can’t really see it.

At least I can count on the fact that everything, including me, will change tomorrow, will in fact change by the time I finish this sentence.

7 thoughts on “impermanence

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  2. I always say that everything is temporary. Some things are just temporary longer. I find comfort in this. Most people furrow their brows at that thought. I’m not sure if they aren’t liking it, or if they are just processing it.

    What IS that in the distance? Whatever it is, I hope it brings a few moments of joy, or at least peace. Peace is everything to me, and I will take it no matter how fleeting.


  3. Thanks for your responses! I don’t actually know what it is in the distance in the picture. I don’t remember seeing it when I took the picture. So strange! Anyway, I really appreciate your comments!


  4. when i was a youngster, i had a plaque on which was printed…

    “Today is the First Day of The Rest of Your Life”…

    It was good then, and I still think of that sentiment…..


  5. I know. I had a zen teacher who said, this moment is the first moment of the rest of your life…you know the zen thing where you are a beginner every moment. Gotta remember that!


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