Relapse–keep the Faith


Fibro flare up. Recurrent fatigue. I’m getting stupider again. After working with a naturopath for about four months, I was feeling significantly better. So we’re trying to increase the methylfolate to push my system to the next level of healing. Only trouble is that with my CBS mutation, I’m getting lots of pain, fatigue, and brain-deadness again. I’m losing all of my scramble and words with friends games again. I have daily headaches again.
I’m in that part of recovery where you slide back. It’s storming outside. I spent the last month and a half working on my blog–maybe too hard? Working too hard can cause a fibro flare. It’s hard to know exactly what’s going on. I got some more supplements for detoxing this morning. Hopefully they’ll help. I feel like I’ve got a pill stuck in my throat all the time.
I am just resting on the couch with the pupper now, typing this on my phone, listening to the rain and making myself believe that I am still getting better. Slight setback. No biggie. Keep the faith.

20 thoughts on “Relapse–keep the Faith

  1. Rest helps; allow yourself to take the time. You’ll feel better again. For now, listen to your body and take care. You are lucky to have a dog on your lap. 🙂

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  2. I feel you! One of the best books I found when I was in the throes is called Healing Fibromyalgia, by Edelman. His premise is that it’s caused by an unchecked fight-or-flight response. I found energy self-care practices hugely helpful in rebuilding my strength–especially in calming the triple warmer meridian governs the adrenals and fight/flight. Techniques that calm the triple warmer down were key for me. All best to you in your journey!

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