The Natural World in Photos

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One reason I love taking photos is that it helps me look and SEE.  I can get so caught up in my thoughts that I forget to really look at what’s around me.  The thing is not to get too caught up in taking photos, as opposed to just being there.  I wonder about how our lives change for the good and the bad when we record everything, and yet, I love to look at these pictures and remember and appreciate the beauty and elegance (okay, maybe not the beetle, but look at those studs on his back, very haute couture, no?) of nature.

5 thoughts on “The Natural World in Photos

  1. That is why I like taking pictures too. I learn to notice light and shadow. The act of taking a photo is like meditation to me. And I agree with you about not being too caught up with taking pictures, to remember to look at things closely with the eyes.

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