Craft Project Photo Updates

Hi and thanks for stopping by!  We’ve been doing this and that over here at the easyhome. I’m trying to figure out how to make these photos more splashy, so they don’t look like, “here’s the ashtray I made at camp.”  Maybe they just look like ashtrays from camp, and you know, that’s okay with me because this is projecteasier and we’re having fun and taking the easy route!

Update on the Denim Rag Rug:  I decided to go rectangular.  I’m about three pair of jeans (legs only) into it.  It’s 43″ long and now I’m thinking, “Why did I make it so long?!” Anyway, it’s coming along and I am so excited by how soft and cushy it is.  I had been looking at these expensive floor mats that keep your feet from hurting, but I think this upcycled ‘beauty’ will do the trick!  That is, if I ever finish it!


FH has colored the space-age sugar skull masks for our Halloween costumes and they look cool, don’t they?  He’s so creative and fun!  We actually have a party to go to on Friday night and I’m washing my black and white Mexican embroidery blouse now!  I kind of wanted a little black veil and flower to go on her head, but not sure that will get taken care of.  Let me know what you think!


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