and the universe winked


So this is a mixed-media piece that I created several years ago.  Sorry for the glare on the photo.  FH is a member of our wonderful local art collective, ArtJam, at Rhythmix Cultural Center in Alameda.  They had a group show on Friday night–the theme was “The Life Aquatic.”  So I slipped this little piece in…and then, of course, I worried about it.  Was I crashing the show?  Was I a “real” artist? Anyway…it turned out that my piece was the only one in the show that sold that night!  I couldn’t believe it.  FH priced it quite high.  I am in shock.  My art sold!  I’ve sold jewelry before, but not art.  This spins everything around…as I try to find my way to a life path that is easier than public school teaching, this seemed like a little wink from the universe.

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