I just had an epiphany coming out of the hopelessly crowded Safeway. Dum da da dum: I’m allowed to be old and worn out and have a fat tummy. It’s fine. It’s allowed, allowable. Made me want to sink down on the pavement and cry from relief.

Fuck the Pinterest platitudes. Fuck chin up. Live life, yes, this mysterious, unpredictable, imperfect, inexplicable, mysterious, miracle. Live it with its sore feet, wrinkles, fat, discomfort, cruelty, funny stories, babies, puppies, half-finished chores, and Safeway parking lot epiphanies.

And here’s my dog because It’s also allowable if my photo doesn’t fit my theme, but he does look tired and in complete acceptance of that fact, no?

IMG_3902PS:  Check out the Mondaymadness link-up party at howtogetorganizedathome.com

20 thoughts on “Epiphany

  1. There are many reasons to live with a dog, but one of them is that they take the right things seriously (play, food, snuggles, naps) and they don’t sweat the other stuff. No platitudes or self-blame allowed in a dog’s life, just plenty of wagging. They keep us sane and make us happy (even though I’ll never have a tail to wag).

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