Today I’m thankful for:

  1. Fabulous husband
  2. Books
  3. RrW
  4. Fabgirl
  5. balance
  6. fm online support group
  7. green things that grow
  8. flowers
  9. coffee
  10. my landlords
  11. S. –who showed me I can make new friends who really get me
  12. Children
  13. my job
  14. money
  15. doing nothing and getting better at it without effort
  16. effortlessness
  17. tiger balm
  18. words with friends
  19. socks
  20. pinterest
  21. you for reading this!

10 thoughts on “Gratitude

    • Seriously! I am on this fibro support group online and it turns out everyone in the group has this “I must work my butt off all the time…” conditioning from family and culture. It’s so funny that the way to get better is to not try. It might be true…what do you think Dawn?


      • I think that there is something in that, I know that when I finally gave up battling the illness and accepted it and its limitations and fluctuating, unpredictable nature things became a little easier for me to cope with. Rest is the only way the body will heal, so I believe, for me at least, that including adequate rest and listening to my body (as best I can) is the way forward. In essence, yes, it is better not to push beyond the boundaries.


  1. Your list helped me to expand my gratitude, and of course that includes you, my friend. I am so grateful to be understood, seen, and heard.


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